Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Budget Wars: Same as it ever was?

President Obama delivered remarks at the Department of 
Homeland Security  in support of his Fiscal Year 2016 Budget
President Obama released his Fiscal Year 2016 budget yesterday.

The budget’s details look like our Compromiser in Chief has kept the gloves for the State of the Union.

At $4 trillion, it’s a whopper.

With the economy having improved to a tolerable level, it looks like Obama wants to go shopping.

The budget would fund America’s crumbling infrastructure, fund community colleges, keep the environment clean, allow paid sick leave, as well as fund the military.

The bill includes a significant tax on the wealthy.

As such, Republicans, who represent millions of Americans struggling to makes end meet in communities ravaged by the forces of globalization, will not support the bill.

Budgets nowadays often are statements that communicate a vision more than a document that will be passed into law.

With Republicans as unwilling to make a deal on the issues as they have been in the past, who can blame him?

The GOP might like the fact that the budget spends fighting in the Mideast. They love funding wars that show little has been learned from Vietnam, except to fight in the sand and not the jungle.

But there’s always a starting point to make a deal.

Despite persistent labeling of Obama as a socialist, he’s always been fairly moderate. Past Democratic presidents were able to make deals with moderate Republicans. It’s a shame that most moderate Republicans have gone the way of the dodo.

With no fiscal crisis looming, we’ll see how this ends up. A rising economy in the 90's increased government revenue, making it easier for Clinton to make deals with the then-Republican Congress.

We’ll have to see what Hillary Clinton or anyone else who wants to run for President will say about it.