Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Check out INRTracker to Help Manage Blood Conditions

INR machine to test blood
An INR machine is used to test blood

With healthcare slowly transforming and the anniversary of Obamacare, efforts are being taken to address the problems that make us sick.

Among those efforts is a site called INRTracker.com which is designed to help those prone to blood clots manage thier treatment.

According to the site, it derives its name from the International Normalized Radio (INR) test used to measure the time it takes your blood to clot.

The site is targeted to help those utilizing Warfarin to treat blood clot conditions and have the need to monitor vitamin K intake. vitamin K is important to track since it increases your blood's ability to clot. In a healthy individual, clotting is necessary for the body to stop bleeding from cuts. Warfarin is a commonly prescribed blood thinner.

Vitamin K is often found in healthy food such as vegetables while junk food is often low in vitamin K.

When you sign up for a free account, you’re able to type in the blood or heart disease you’re seeking treatment for to facilitate site use. The site then prompts you to fill in a series of categories designed to monitor your health such as itemized meals.

One of INRTracker.com’s main features is a database of food items listing their vitamin K content. 

The database is fairly comprehensive spanning all food groups and types. But you need to be a little creative when looking searching. While Coca Cola is not currently in the database, soda is. In addition, while a Big Mac is not included, hamburgers are.

In addition, an initial glance at a food’s nutrients only concentrates on the level of vitamin K. So don’t start binging on junk food just because they’re low in vitamin K. Click on an item to its other health properties and how they measure out.

Another feature is the ability to keep track of your progress by generating reports to give to your doctor to facilitate medication management. Maintaining the log ideally would serve to remind a patient of the need to take their medication. The site can also send you reminders for appointments.

What's so good about INR Tracker?

You’re able to log medications, dosages, supplements, exercise, meals, weight, blood pressure, and menstruation. You can also set goals for the respective categories and measure progress. For example, if you want to eliminate lettuce from your diet (due to its high vitamin K level), you can track the amount of lettuce you eat. You might also track the use of compression socks.

While maintaining a log might be time-consuming, it’s helpful to understanding your diet and why a clot might occur. The record keeping nature of the site would be helpful to someone who has trouble tracking the different components that they need to be monitor.

In addition, INRTracker also contains articles to explain relevant topics such as the effect of diet on medication.

In conclusion, the site would serve as a great resource for patients unfamiliar with a newly discovered blood or heart condition that needs close monitoring. Monitoring would likely save time, money, and lives. While some of the features are a little cumbersome to use, the information is invaluable.